Monday, 31 October 2011

Fireman Cake

I made this cake this past weekend for a little boy's second birthday.  The hose was made using a 10 inch round 2 layer cake.  I covered it in fondant and then used another long yellow piece of fondant to drape around the entire cake to look like an unwound portion of the hose.  I used RKT's to make the nozzle and covered it in fondant as well, the silver portion was painted with silver airbrush paint.  Someone on Cake Central had "water" coming out of the hose which I thought was a really unique and fantastic idea.  I took isomalt and melted it in the microwave and added some blue airbrush food colour.  If you ever try this be extremely careful as the sugar is VERY hot, use precautions not to burn yourself!  I wrote his name (Cohen) with the isomalt and it set up very quickly.

The fire helmet was made using a half of a Wilton ball pan.  I used long rolls of fondant to create the raised portion on the helmet and then covered the entire thing with black fondant.  Most of the front plate with the "2" is made with gumpaste and the straps were made with fondant.

To make the 10 inch round look like a whole roll of hose I watered down some brown food colouring with vodka and painted the top of the cake and around the sides of the cake.  I wanted to tone down the brown "dirty" spots on the sides but unfortunately I broke my bottle of vodka and didn't have any more to use to rub down the cake.  You can't use water because it will leave shiny spots on the cake.

Thanks for looking!

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