Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and I wanted to make him a cake that was representative of the things he loves.  He lives on a small farm and I know he loves his animals!  I did the best I could to replicate his barn (it is hard to see it in the picture due to the black roof and the black back drop) and some of the many animals he keeps.  I made chickens (with the help of my 7 year old daughter), a goose, dog, ducks, horse, turkey and a peacock.  They are all made form gum paste and were so much fun to create!  The house is all cake, chocolate cake (my dad's favourite) with mango buttercream filling and covered in vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream.  This was my first time making the SMBC which was easy enough to do but I prefer the IMBC.  Tomorrow is his party and I hope he is surprised by the cake.  I will add the links for the chocolate cake and the SMBC in case you would like to give them a try.  Happy baking!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Lisa's Chocolate Cake

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