Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wedding Cakes

These are two wedding cakes (my first ones!) that I made this weekend.  I hope you like them! I also posted a picture of the cakes pops the bride and I made together. She really did a great job of displaying them.


  1. Hey Anna,
    Congrats on the blog!!

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog!! I saw you work at the B&G club, I worked there too, so I'm thinking maybe you are the same Anna that worked there when I did!?

    Thanks re: our wedding photos! Yes Calla was our photographer, she's an old friend from when I lived in Kelowna!! :) She's SO amazing!!

    Anyways, good luck on the blog and if you need anything let me know!!

  2. Your designs always blow me away Anna. You have so much creativity and attention to detail. Love it.